Dear FACIT-SME Partners!

The voice of Carol singers lingers in the air.
Jingleing of bells can be heard from far far away.
It�s time to put on the santa hat,
and have a wonderful and lovely christmas chat.
As a first step, let us present the successfull results of FACIT-SME to have one more reason for celebration at the end of this year.
Have a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

General Assembly in Budapest
The FACIT General Assembly held on 22-23 September 2011, in Budapest focused on three major issues:

1. The approval of FACIT-SME milestone 3, which covers D1.1, D4.1, D7.3, D7.4. The deliverables are available on the FACIT-SME webpage.

2. Hands-on experiences provision regarding the use of the FACIT-SME solution.
  FACIT General Assembly
3. Dissemination and exploitation of the FACIT-SME results in a broader way.

- Within this task, Régens proposed to have a FACIT SME workshop organized by each AG in their region, to learn more about the FACIT SME project recent results and get feedback from the future facilitators.

Thanks to this meeting the AGs and SMEs participating within FACIT-SME got detailed knowledge about the use of the FACIT-SME solution as well as first experiences in the usage.
Relaxing weekend at Lake Balaton, the "FACIT Regatta"
On 24-25 September FACIT-SME partners spent a well-deserved weekend at Lake Balaton. This beautiful trip was meant to relax partners as well as strengthen the cooperation and build a stronger relation between them.

The host of the weekend organized a special Hungarian meal at a camp fire, and the next day the FACIT team went to a sail trip - kind of regatta - and experienced the beauty of the Hungarian see, Lake Balaton.

Everyone had a great time and could continue the project tasks with refreshed energy and enthusiasm.

  FACIT Regatta
Hungarian Workshop - Quality Management in the Software Industry
After the succesfull General Assembly meeting in Budapest IVSZ organized a workshop to present the latest results of the FACIT SME project to the end user SME community in Hungary and to understand their needs and have feedback on the latest results.

The aim of the workshop was to introduce the latest results of the FACIT SME project, explain the projects' main aims, and introduce it to the future facilitators, the IT SMEs in Hungary. In order to have a professional and useful workshop IVSZ invited respected experts in the fields of QM, PM.
Reka presenting on the Hungarian Workshop
The first presentation was given by Ms Katalin Balla, docent at Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), managing director of SQI Ltd. about the different types of Software Quality models used during software engineering. The second presentation was held by Mr Lénárd Németh-Nusser, senior project manager at Qualysoft PLc. and gave an overview of Waterfall vs. Agile development methodologies and pointed out the opportunities of the Agile methodologies and how it can contribute to Software Engineering (SE) processes. The last presentation was given by Ms Reka Moksony, head of business development at Regens Plc, and FACIT SME project manager. Ms Moksony gave an overview of the project, the consortia, the projects aims, its structure, and the roles of the AG, RTD and SME partners. Ms Moksony explained the IT SMEs problems related to QM, Workflow engine, Process development and how the FACIT SME project result could assist the ICT SMEs with solutions. The presentation introduced the expected benefits of the FACIT SME Tool and also presented the FACIT SME Virtual Learning Center.
The workshop showed that SMEs are interested in using the FACIT Virtual Learning Center and could benefit from accessing its Knowledge Base and implementing the models, guides and templates in their unique organizational processes.
FACIT General Assembly at Regens
FACIT General Assembly at Regens
FACIT General Assembly at Regens
FACIT General Assembly at Regens
FACIT weekend - Preparing the meal
FACIT weekend - Sharing cooking experiences
FACIT weekend - Enjoying the meal
FACIT weekend - Enjoying the meal
FACIT weekend - Enjoying the meal
FACIT weekend - FACIT Regatta
FACIT weekend - FACIT Regatta
FACIT weekend - The Beauty of Lake Balaton
FACIT weekend - Sailing
FACIT weekend - A little chat after the regatta
IVSZ workshop - Reka Moksony Regens presentation
IVSZ workshop - Németh-Nusser Lénárd presenting
IVSZ workshop - Németh-Nusser Lénárd presenting
IVSZ workshop - Németh-Nusser Lénárd presenting
IVSZ workshop - Réka starts her presentation
IVSZ workshop - Réka presenting
IVSZ workshop - Réka presenting
IVSZ workshop - Réka presenting
IVSZ workshop - Réka presenting
IVSZ workshop - The audience
IVSZ workshop - The audience
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